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17" Preemie Zoe

Scroll down for purchasing options.

Vinyl Skin Color Options
This adorable baby is available in 4 vinyl color options.  Semi-transparent, super-soft vinyl (called extra light vinyl). The LIght, Medium, and Flesh 05 Dark vinyl is significantly firmer and recommended if the doll will be going to a young owner. The extra light vinyl is suitable for dolls that will be on display.

Clothing & Size
Zoe is a precious sleeping preemie baby that simply comes to life once you have assembled and dressed her (or him!).  Zoe wears real preemie clothes right off the rack.  You can also purchase an adorable preemie sleeper and cap with your doll kit.  Apple Valley sleepers are specifically made for your doll and are perfectly sized for their cute little bodies.  Zoe is 17" long and also wears preemie-sized shoes and socks.

You have two options: you can assemble your baby or we can do it for you.

  • Assembling your baby only takes a couple of minutes.  Click here to view our free online assembly video.
  • Your doll kit includes the head, arms, legs, a cloth body slip and either pre-inserted cable ties or string for attaching the limbs and head to the cloth body slip.
  • You will need stuffing and/or baby weighting beads to fill your baby's cloth body.  You can purchase stuffing by clicking here or pick up stuffing locally from JoAnn's Fabric Stores or Wal-Mart.
  • Zoe can be bald or have an Infant Wig available in four colors: blonde, brown, auburn, and dark brown/black.
  • If you choose to have us assemble your doll for you the assembly fee includes the stuffing and gluing on of the wig. If you add the baby weighting beads using the check box optoin below they can be added to your assembled doll. The assembly fee of $24.00 also covers the additional shipping and packaging fees associated with sending you a fully assembled doll.

Added Realism
Adding Baby Weighting Beads to your doll makes her seem even more lifelike!  Just two pounds of beads is all it takes: simply pour a small amount of the beads into the limbs and head.  The rest of the beads go in the body mixed in with the stuffing.

Body Styles
The Zoe doll kit is available with three different body styles.

  • The Dunkin limbs will make her into a cuddly baby that is soft and perfectly huggable.  This cozy body style works well with any long sleeve preemie garment.
  • The Buffi and Nikki limb sets are excellent options if you plan to display your baby.  The limbs are more vinyl than cloth (called 3/4 limbs) and work well with short sleeve preemie garments.

Dunkin Limb Set
Jointed cloth body slip included.

Buffi Limb Set
  Jointed cloth body slip included.

Nikki Limb Set
Jointed cloth body slip included.

Zoe comes completely painted with eyelashes already attached.  Each Zoe doll kit is hand painted and variations will occur.

Skin Tones
Limb Set with Cloth Body Slip
Also Include
Bag of Stuffing (add $5.00)
Baby Weighting Pounds Beads - 1 Pound (add $9.99)
Assembly with Stuffing (add $20.00)
Add Wig
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