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 Doll Care 

According to many doll artists Zapzyt brand acne cream has proven very effective in removing ink marks from vinyl dolls.

Vinyl Doll Parts

We strongly recommend that you keep all writing utensils, especially ink pens, away from any of your vinyl parts.  Vinyl is extremely porous and will easily absorb inks, dyes, and other staining chemicals.

  • Use a mild soap and a warm, soft cloth to wash dirt and dust from the vinyl pieces.
  • To remove ink from the vinyl use Zapzyt, Clearasil or a Skin-So-Soft product containing 10% Benzoyl Peroxide.  Apply the cream to the part of the doll with ink on it and let it sit over night.  Remove cream with damp cloth.  Do not use any solutions that are abrasive or that would remove paint (such as solvents or paint thinners).
  • To the best of your ability, store all vinyl pieces in a dry, temperature-controlled area.  Too much humidity may cause a mildew effect.  
  • Make sure to store the vinyl in a smoke-free environment!  Vinyl is very absorbent and it may end up smelling like cigarette smoke, your fireplace, or even like fried food if it is stored near anything in your home or store that causes those orders.


Please keep in mind that the wigs we supply are a synthetic material.  The hair fibers are affixed to a nylon "cap" and can come loose if combed too harshly.

  • Most wigs will get mussed slightly when you're moving them from one place to another.  Always carry a comb and gently fix any out-of-place hair.
  • Because the wigs are made of a synthetic fiber, they are not heat resistant!  If you want to curl any of the straight wigs, please do not use a curling iron, even at a low temperature.  You could very easily melt the fibers.  Instead, use damp sponge rollers and allow the wig and rollers to dry completely before removing. 
  • If something gets on the wig (pen, marker, candy from sticky hands, etc . ), you can use warm water and a mild soap and very carefully hand-wash just the area where the damage is located. 


Most of the clothing items we have available are made from cotton or a cotton/poly blend.  Occasionally we will also have garments available made of fleece, velvet, satin, lace, etc.

  • If dirty, gently hand wash garments made from cotton or a cotton/poly blend.
  • Please allow garments to air dry instead of putting them in a clothes dryer.
  • Cotton or cotton/poly blends and other select fabrics can be ironed.
  • Please consider the fabric before deciding how to wash or remove stains (just as you would your own clothing.)

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