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Dealer Codes

DL150 - 50% discount on orders totaling $500 retail

DL135 - 35% discount on orders totaling $150 retail

DL25 - 25% discount on any size order

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Dear Friend,

Look-alike designer dolls are among the most popular in the entire country!  Apple Valley Doll Works is proud to offer you the opportunity to open your own designer doll business.  You can sell look-alike dolls from your own home, web site, craft shows, retail stores, doll parties, and more.  Apple Valley dolls are fun, adorable, and easy to sell.

The Best New Party Business this Year!
At a doll party you and your guests will choose your dolls before hand (either from the website or using an Apple Valley catalog) and then together you'll have a blast assembling the dolls at a party.  It's great fun and incredibly easy. 
Want more information about having doll parties?  Contact us to request the Doll Party brochure.

Receive 25% Off All Purchases!

Retail prices are shown online. When you sign up as an Apple Valley Dealer you will receive 25% off any size order you place online whether it's a single doll for a customer or just a doll wig.  There is no minimum to receive your 25% off.  Use the code DL25 during checkout to receive your dealer discount.  If you do not apply this code during checkout you will not get the 25% off dealer pricing. 

Even better, receive bigger and bigger discounts the larger the order you place!

Receive 35% to 50% Off with Bulk Purchasing!

Retail prices are shown online. You can receive 35% or 50% off if your total retail purchase meets the bulk requirements.

  • $150-499 for 35% Off
    35% Dealer Discount:
    When you order $150 to $499 of retail merchandise you can receive 35% off your order by entering the coupon code DL135 during the check out process. 
  • $500 or More for 50% Off
    50% Dealer Discount:
    When you order at least $500 of retail product you can get 50% off your order by entering the coupon code DL150 during the check out process. 

Checkout Process

  1. On page one, the first page of the checkout process, you will input your shipping information.
  2. On page two you can input the coupon code near the bottom of the page.
  3. On page three, the final step to complete your order, you can see your invoice below where you input your payment information. If you used a dealer code, the adjustment will show as a discount above the appropriately adjusted total order price.


Quick Review: Dealer Coupon Codes

  • DL25 - 25% discount on orders of any size
  • DL150 - 50% discount on orders totaling $500 retail (means you pay only $250!)
  • DL135 - 35% discount on all orders totaling $150 retail (means you pay only $97.50!)


More Information

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